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FS 2020 Group Flight

To celebrate the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, we will be doing a group flight on the new next generation flight simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 20

As the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 closes in, we will be looking at supporting this platform when it becomes availible.

I will update on the situation nearer the time and set to have something in place so pilots can still gain hours on the new platform.


Many thanks

Chad Donoghue

Chicago Fly In

To have a catch up and have a good laugh, we will be flying for LaGuardia Airport over to O\'Hare International Airport. Start time will be 19:30 GMT time, so please make sure you are setup for around 19:00 GMT.

Hobbit Express

Join us in the world of lord of the rings are we transport there film cast of hobbits from Auckland (NZAA) to Queenstown (NZQN)

Kai Tak Fly In

Get ready for a challenging fly into Kai Tak airport. Now officially closed, see why it was such a challange for pilots in the real world.