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Crew center forum

As the forum isn't being used anymore and more information is being shared on our discord server, the forum will be closed by the end of this month (SEP 2020)

Therefor please take any information on there if need be, before it is deleted.


Chad Donoghue


MSFS kAcars update

Hi all,

Now that simconnect has been fixed, you should now be using the flight tracker to log your flights.

The kAcars tracker can be downloaded from the downloads section

You will need FSUIPC 7 for MSFS which can be download here


As of today, manual pireps will no longer be accepted. If you have any issues then please contact one of the team via our discord server

I trust this information will be easy for you to understand, if you need any help we have setup guides on the discord server for this.


Many Thanks

Chad Donoghue


MSFS Pirep's Update

FSUIPC Update - Its so unstable at the moment, eats 10 FPS. Will be wise to wait for a stable release. For the time being, any flights flown on the new SIM can be filed manually for the time being. Just make sure everything is input correctly on the pirep.

All pilots, if you have done any flights within MSFS2020 please send me a screenshot of your personal log and I will update your pilot hours to reflect these flights. We are currently awaiting for ASOBO to fix the simconnect issues and will keep you posted on this. Alternatively please file a manual pirep via the site.

Many thanks

Easy World Airlines Team


FS 2020 Group Flight

To celebrate the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, we will be doing a group flight on the new next generation flight simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 20

As the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 closes in, we will be looking at supporting this platform when it becomes availible.

I will update on the situation nearer the time and set to have something in place so pilots can still gain hours on the new platform.


Many thanks

Chad Donoghue